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Head office and manufacturing plant Verl/Germany Manufacturing plant Rheda Wiedenbrück, local part Lintel/Germany
KOMPOtherm fair center Rietberg/Germany Manufacturing plant Roeschwoog/France

In the beginning there was an idea and a need for quality. Because of these two components Hafü developed the crossing-concept.

This concept became popular in the production of insulated glass in Germany and around Europe.

We developed the HAFÜ-concept because we did not see ouerselves only as crossings-manufactures, but also as problem solvers for our partners in the insulated glass industry.

Over the years we have solved many problems but always in co-operation with glass insulating producers and our technical department. Which is a model for others to follow. The results of these co-operations are the HAFÜ-style and the Softline-crossings.

The HAFÜ-crossings. It‘s not only a name anymore, but a trade mark. Our manufacturing process gaurentees that the completed frames and design are to the customers exact requierements.

In our firms in Germany and France our manufacturing process coupled with our experience and knowledge as problem solvers ensure that the finished product is to the highest technical standard. Gaurenteening the highest quality and customer satisfaction. The HAFÜ-crossings: catering for the modern era in colour and design.